About The Team

Vasudha Sekhar

Vasudha comes with years of experience in the content domain as writer, editor and proofreader. Presently a full-time home-maker and mom of two energetic boys, Vasudha manages hearth and home while contributing significantly to the content requirements of Sudhir Shivaram Photography.

Coffee guzzler and true blue Bengalurean, when she isn’t reviewing content over a hot cuppa, she is probably researching destinations for her next “trip with the girls.” A self-professed ambivert and a bit of a daydreamer, she dreams of many things: traveling to all countries in the world, a plastic-free world, losing weight, adopting a baby elephant one day…

Swaroop Gokhale

A Post Graduate in Environmental Sciences from University of Pune, Swaroop adores nature and travel. After completing her Masters, she worked with Bharati Vidyapeeth University as an Education Officer. Her responsibilities involved travelling across Maharashtra and Goa, to spread awareness about nature conservation in schools and other institutions.

Before joining SSP she worked in the wildlife travel industry for three years. As part of her work, Swaroop has conducted tours to a wide range of destinations, the mangroves at the Sunderbans being her favorite. She has also lead environmental educations workshops for kids of all ages creating awareness about nature and its denizens. As a part of her educational tours she has guided participants to write blogs, articles and poems about the places they visit.

Besides managing all of SSP’s day-to-day operations spanning logistics support to participants, client communication, to bookkeeping, Swaroop has now returned to her first love – that of leading kids’ workshops into the wild.

Sudarshan Hegde

Sudarshan worked as a designer, developer and consultant in digital agencies from 2012 soon after completing his studies in computers. Sudarshan adores nature, travel and sitting in silence. He is also working towards nature rejuvenation programs, eco-tourism in his native Sirsi – Central Western Ghats of India. 

Sudarshan currently manages the SSP website and ensures it’s smooth running all the time.

Sudhir Shivaram

Sudhir Shivaram is much loved, recognized, and respected in wildlife photography circles not only in India but the world over. Engineer by education, photographer by passion, teacher by intuition, Sudhir is an inspiration to scores of people that aspire to break away from the mundane and chase their dreams.

A pioneer of sorts and a trailblazer in the Indian photography scene, Sudhir is always brimming with ideas to reach and teach people. Sudhir Shivaram Photography is the result of his nearly two decades of corporate experience, more than two decades of serious photography, and an irrepressible love for teaching.