Camera And Lens Buying Guide


Which is the best camera for photography? Honestly, there is no straightforward answer to that question given the various types of cameras available in the market. In this chapter we will explain how to choose a DSLR camera based on your area of interest. We will take you through the various important features of the camera and explain what kind of features are needed to help you select the best DSLR for your purpose. We will also point out the best DSLR cameras under INR 50,000 and help you choose the best camera for wildlife photography, bird photography, street photography, landscape photography and other genres of photography.

Duration : 1h 59m 44s

For your DSLR photography with so many types of camera and lens available, it is always a tough choice to choose the best DSLR for beginners. If you want to learn photography and want to choose between Canon vs Nikon this tutorial will help you decide the that as we explain the different types of camera available based on your area of interest. So, go ahead dive into the various chapters where we explain how to choose a DSLR camera and also the best lens for beginners.