Camera And Lens Buying Guide


Once you have chosen the best-suited camera for your genre of photography, it is time to select the best lens. Of course, the best lens is the one which you can afford and it is always the selection of the lens which has a higher priority over the camera. We will explain the different types of lenses available and the key features which are important for your genre of photography. We will explain the MTF characteristics of a lens which is the key in understanding about the sharpness and contrast of a lens. We will also explain the difference between zoom and fixed focal length lenses. This course will finally help you understand the different features of the lens based on which you can shortlist which lens is needed for bird photography, wildlife photography, street photography, wedding photography, sports photography, event photography, macro, portrait, candid photography etc.

Duration : 1h 59m 44s

For your DSLR photography with so many types of camera and lens available, it is always a tough choice to choose the best DSLR for beginners. If you want to learn photography and want to choose between Canon vs Nikon this tutorial will help you decide the that as we explain the different types of camera available based on your area of interest. So, go ahead dive into the various chapters where we explain how to choose a DSLR camera and also the best lens for beginners.