Camera And Lens Buying Guide

Now that we have explained everything about which camera and which lens to buy, in this concluding chapter we will help you shortlist the camera and lens based on your budget. Please note that due to the frequent release of new cameras and lenses, the models mentioned in this tutorial may soon get outdated. But the key features needed to buy a specific camera or lens remain the same. You will have to check the camera / lens for those features and then decide which is the best camera and lens for you.

Duration : 1h 59m 44s

For your DSLR photography with so many types of camera and lens available, it is always a tough choice to choose the best DSLR for beginners. If you want to learn photography and want to choose between Canon vs Nikon this tutorial will help you decide the that as we explain the different types of camera available based on your area of interest. So, go ahead dive into the various chapters where we explain how to choose a DSLR camera and also the best lens for beginners.