Ultimate Guide to Nikon D500


Using The Right Focusing Points And AF-Area Mode Once we understand the AF modes, we now explore about the AF points of the Nikon D500.  

Duration : 2h 20m 37s

The Nikon D500 – Nikon’s flagship APS-C camera. If you own a Nikon D500, then this is the course for you. We cover all the key aspects to help you get started with using the Nikon D500 like a professional. The below topics are covered as a part of this online photography course: lesson 1 – introduction to the course lesson 2 – exploring the nikon d500 lesson 3 – diopter adjustment tips lesson 4 – overview of key camera settings lesson 5 – choosing the correct white balance lesson 6 – practical – using white balance in field lesson 7 – choosing the right picture control lesson 8 – practical – using the picture control lesson 9 – what is active d-lighting lesson 10 – camera burst rate and release mode lesson 11 – image area record option lesson 12 – setting the right image quality lesson 13 – understanding d500 camera metering lesson 14 – practical – using the right metering option lesson 15 – understanding camera auto focusing modes lesson 16 – using the right focusing points and af-area mode lesson 17 – practical – using the right af mode and focusing points lesson 18 – understanding different shooting modes – p,m,a,s lesson 19 – practical – using the right shooting mode lesson 20 – d500 conclusion