Post Processing Using Capture NX-D (for Nikon RAW Shooters)


Composite Image Processing There are situations where you may end up with shadow and light in the same image and certain area of your image may get underexposed or over exposed. In that situation we will have to process the same RAW file multiple times to get the details we want from the image and finally do a composite processing in photoshop. In this chapter we will demonstrate how to do that using Capture NX-D and photoshop combination. The Deer fawn is in shadows and details not seen properly. You will learn how to fix it. Before: After:

Duration : 1h 56m 30s

Capture NX-D is Nikon’s own image management application mainly used to process the RAW (NEF) files. This online tutorial will deal with all the below chapters in-depth and help you master the entire RAW workflow with ease. lesson 1 – introduction lesson 2 – exploring the capture nx-d window lesson 3 – exploring the menu bar lesson 4 – the folder palette lesson 5 – the tool bar lesson 6 – edit and metadata palette lesson 7 – capture nx-d preferences lesson 8 – using exposure compensation lesson 9 – using white balance lesson 10 – using picture control lesson 11 – using tone and details lesson 12 – the adjustment manager lesson 13 – example 1 – crop and retouch lesson 14 – example 2 – using levels lesson 15 – example 3 lesson 16 – example 4 – composite image processing lesson 17 – saving as jpg or tiff lesson 18 – capture nx-d conclusion At the end of this course, you will have the confidence to process your Nikon RAW (NEF) files and get the look and feel of the final images as processed by any professional expert.